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Friday, 21 November 2014

Insufficient money spend ~Stressful because of GST will be implement next year.....

Coming next year on April 2015, Malaysia will be officially start implement GST. This Morning i had attend a seminar regarding GST. At first I would like to thank to the speaker who provided me a lot of information about the GST, but on that time i was looking those people around me,  I can see those senior citizen was bring out a "Worry" face. Indeed, I also scare that what will happen in after the GST start implement. Because once the GST implemented, most of goods and services are getting more expensive. 

And then, the speaker bring out a question and ask us: Basicly the local air ticket will be charge 6% of GST, but what If a flight service company for example an Air Flight Company that we make a payment by booking the flight ticket before GST implement, will the local flight be charge for 6% of GST when we going to sit on the flight at that time the GST already started. The answer is NO GST will be charge. But you think they are so stupid to bear the 6% of GST with no charge on the consumer side? I can tell you that those big company have already started to work out some idea for solving their issue before GST started. Meaning that, they are already collecting their money from us (consumer) by increasing their price before GST started. I am very agreed what the speaker said and I believe now we are already spending a lot than before!

I had make my own financial planning and I have not dare to see what i will be in the future. Government are said GST is good because it can bring more sustainable fiscal position to support our country's long term economy growth. Yeah, you are right, but will our salary income will also growth too? well..... I can tell you that 'No' , it come even worst, normally i need to work for 8 hrs for a job, but now, may be i should spend another time to find out new way to increase my earning, or finding some part time jobs to reduce my burden on my living cost.

Well, we can't change the fact that by need to accept this GST in next year, but we can try our best to find out more money instead of sitting and do nothing here.  

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