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Saturday, 17 January 2015

A 75 year old woman has a Faster Broadband in the world

    Her name, Sigbritt Löthberg, who staying in central Sweden, her home has been supplied with a blistering 40 Gigabits per second connection, many thousands of times faster than the average residential link and she is the only home user able to experienced it with such a high speed. This is so amazing!!!

   She able to enjoy a 1,500 high definition HDTV channels simultaneously and able to download a high full definition DVD just only need 2 seconds to complete. 

   Why she has a high speed on the broadband? The actual secret behind is her ultra-fast connection is a new modulation technique which allows data to be transferred directly between 2 routers up to 2,000 kilometres apart,with no intermediary transponders. so, that is why she able to manage by download everything just need few minutes or few seconds.

     She download 2 hours movie only need a minute to complete which showing the capability of broadband in her house. She already enjoy by watching the movie while in the mean time we still waiting for downloading. I wish to have a broadband like her. So that, I can enjoy the show with my friend and family without waiting so long to get start play the movie. 

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