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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Apple iphone 7 Rumors!!

It has been some rumors coming out that iphone 7 is coming out around Feb 2015. If this rumor is true, I guess for those who bought iphone 6 or 6plus will sure blow out their head~ Hahaha~ Iphone 6 was released just few weeks ago and rumors about iphone 7 is out~ As a intelligent consumer, I choose to ignore this rumor~ I do believe Iphone 7 will be released in year 2015 but not that fast in February 2015...

Besides the rumor release date about Iphone 7, there are also some expectations about Iphone 7's new features, such as wireless charging features... This is the best feature that I ever wanted for my smartphone! I do really wish this feature is true and I will throw away my iphone 6 directly to get myself a new Iphone 7 with this feature!!!

Other than wireless charging features, another exciting rumor regarding iphone 7 feature is 3D display! Economics Daily News claimed that Apple supplier is working on "naked eye 3D screen" which means you do not need to wear a 3D glass in order to see the 3D effect! 
Sounds Cool? 

I guess some of the Iphone lovers start worrying about saving money to get this incredible new Iphone 7... Herm, I won't mind sharing my little tips of how to buy iphone at 7% cheaper than iphone original price~ Sound more interesting this time?

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