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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Singapore Dollars increased again? Haih~~

46 days ago, 1 SGD equal to 2.57 MYR but nowadays 1 SGD equal to 2.66 MYR. This situation have make most of the Malaysia people worry about their earnings for the future. It is because if value of MYR keeps dropping before next year implication of GST, people in Malaysia will suffer a lot and their financial situation will be affected if the situation didn't turn well. 

The main reason of MYR drop and SGD keep increasing is due to economic structure between Malaysia and Singapore are different. The Singapore Government has been admitted to support new currency to keep their currency stable and rising while Malaysia Government tends to more focusing on export advantages.

In my opinion, if the situation still remain the same which MYR keep dropping until next year, most of Malaysian will seek for job opportunity in Singapore although we maybe just being treat as foreign workers and may not have high salary as well but we can enjoy on spending or commitments incurred in Malaysia.

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